Best fast chargers for iPhone in 2021

One of the most controversial things Apple has ever done is remove the charger from the iPhone box. And if you own one of the newer devices, it’s a good idea to get a fast charger to enjoy the speed and convenience. With the market flooded with options, I’ve picked out some of the best iPhone fast chargers that are efficient, durable, and safe.

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They are all equipped with USB-C ports, and some have a USB-A port. You will need to use a compatible Lightning cable with each. Fast charging is available on iPhone 8 and later and works best on the latest iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11 series. Choose from the chargers below.

AppleBelkinAnkerSpigenQuntisAnker Nano chargerYootechiSmart

1. Apple 20W power adapter: editor’s choice

Enjoy fast, efficient charging at home, at work, or on the go with this Genuine Apple portable power bank charger. It is designed for fast charging on iPhone 8 and later, as well as compatible iPads. I love that it’s small and light enough to carry.

Plus, since it’s made by Apple, you can rest assured that it’s compatible with all of your devices. Of course, it also has built-in security and won’t overheat or cause any trouble on your device. It is without a doubt the most reliable iPhone fast charger.


Best quality Compatible with a wide range of devices Compact and lightweight Safe and efficient

Price: $ 19.00

2. Belkin 20W USB C GaN fast charger: super fast and efficient

Belkin is a leader in making high quality Apple accessories you can count on. This super-fast iPhone charger is a worthy companion for your iPhone and iPad. Although it looks big, it’s quite compact and 21% smaller than most 20-watt chargers.

In addition, it features Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology for high performance charging that can quickly charge the latest iPhones from 0-50% in 30 minutes. It supports USB Power Delivery for compatible devices and protects gadgets from over current or surge.


GaN technology Ultra-fast charging Easily fits in most locations Built-in security


Due to its length, it may be unstable in some holds

Price: $ 24.99

3. Anker 60W GaN dual port charger: 18 months warranty

This fast charging iPhone charger is a bit more expensive, but it justifies it with its functionality. It provides high speed charging to virtually any mobile device. It has one USB-C PowerIQ 3.0 port and one USB-A port equipped with PowerIQ 2.0.

At the same time, it is powered by gallium nitride (GaN) and is compact and lightweight. You can even use it to charge your compatible laptop, such as a MacBook Air, although charging is slower than Apple’s original charger. Buy with confidence thanks to Anker’s 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.


USB-C port + USB-A port Extended compatibility 18 month warranty Good customer service

Type-C port reaches a maximum of 45W, and it is slow when charging laptops

Price: $ 39.99

4.Spigen 20W GaN charger: the most portable

By now, you probably know that all of us at iGeeksBlog love Spigen accessories and recommend them in many articles. This is another GaN charger that works with higher efficiency and generates less heat than a standard wall charger.

It provides 20W USB-C PD charging and works great with your iPhone, iPad and other devices. I especially like the small form factor and compact design with a foldable grip that makes it perfect for travel.


Portable design GaN technology Long lasting


No warranty

Price: $ 16.99

5. Quntis 30W MFi certified fast charger: Comes with a Lightning cable

If you’re into budget combos, here’s a power adapter that comes with a six-foot-long iPhone fast charging cable. It is MFi certified and can charge virtually any device at a maximum speed of 30W. You can get up to 50% charge in 30 minutes, which is almost 3 times faster than with the 5W charger. from Apple.

What else ? You can fully charge your iPad Pro 12.9 in just 2 hours 30 minutes, which is over 2 hours faster than standard USB chargers allow. The included Lightning cable goes through extensive bend testing and plug-in-and-out testing to ensure durability.


Includes 1.8m long Lightning cable MFi certified Affordable handset price Friendly customer service


Build quality could be better

Price : $ 23.99

6.Anker Nano 20W charger: Cute and compact

Do you like everything cute and functional? Discover this Apple iPhone fast charger with 20W output and a unique compact design. It can charge the latest iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 up to 3 times faster than an original 5W charger.

The small size means it will save space in your bag and serve as the perfect travel companion. Plus, the new lavender and mint green colors are sure to stand out, so you won’t forget anywhere. Take advantage of an 18 month warranty and friendly customer service from Anker.


Super compact Small but powerful 4 color options 18 month warranty

Price: $ 19.99

7.Yootech 20W USB C Wall Charger: Most Affordable and Fastest Charger

I’m sure you don’t want to spend too much on a charger after splurging on an iPhone. Well, here is one of the best fast chargers for iPhone that costs just ten dollars. It offers 20W charging with a compact and slimmer profile than the regular Apple wall charger.

This makes it perfect for carrying and charging your phone when needed. It also has automatic shutdown to protect your phone from overheating or overcharging. You can choose from the black and white options.


Thin and light Affordable but efficient Integrated safety mechanism

Price: $ 10.12

8. iSmart 30W 2-port charger: ideal for travel

This lightweight and compact cube-shaped charger is smaller than traditional chargers. It’s super portable with bendable pins and ready to travel thanks to the universal voltage of 100-240 volts.

It offers a power of 30W and has both a USB-C and USB-A port. So you can charge two compatible devices at the same time. Plus, it’s well built and sturdy, with a subtle blue light that indicates when charging is in progress.


Universal voltage support Foldable pins for portability Charging indicator light Compact size

Price: $ 13.99

That ends my list of the best fast chargers for iPhone 13, 12 and earlier devices. Let me know in the comments below if you have any further questions.