How to charge an iPhone external battery?

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We often talk about the autonomy problem of our smartphones and tablets which are difficult to resist at the end of the day. If external batteries can solve the problem, we talk less about how to recharge them. Indeed, they do not have an inexhaustible source of energy, they have to be recharged at some point.

Depending on the model

There are different models on the market. Most external batteries are recharged in exactly the same way as a smartphone or tablet, in other words thanks to a charger which is specially dedicated to it. Other models also allow charging via USB cable. However, the current flow through a USB cable can be quite limited for this kind of device, and the recharge time may be quite significant. The best will be to use the charger (with adapter on the mains).

Some models can also be recharged at the same time as your smartphone or tablet. The diagram then looks like this: current source (charger, or via USB from a computer), then the external battery connected to the input, then your device (smartphone or tablet or headset, etc.) connected to the output. But this process may also take some time. It is always advisable to recharge your external battery separately.

Recharge time

The charging time of an external battery can vary greatly depending on the model. It’s up to you to check this criterion in terms of the characteristics of the device. This can range from 4 to over 10 hours, depending on the power of the external battery.

How to choose your iPhone external battery?

Beside the endless debate about removable batteries or not, there is a much more interesting topic regarding external batteries. Because as much to say it, having a removable battery is ultimately not an important criterion of choice. It will be difficult to recharge two batteries at the same time, for the same device. What is important is to have a solution to make a single battery last as long as possible.

Selection criteria for an external battery

This is an interesting subject, because external batteries represent a very good solution to the problem of autonomy of our devices. As it is a question of power, this will then be the first criterion to be taken into account.


The first argument of choice will of course be power. You can do this based on the battery capacity of your device. For example, that of an iPhone 6 is 1800mAh, that of an iPhone X is 2716mAh, that of an iPad mini 4 is 5124mAh, etc.

If we take the example of the iPhone 6 (1800 mAh), an Apple external battery or from another brand, with a capacity of 5000 mAh, can therefore provide at least 2 fast charges for your device.

Size and design

The dimensions of an external battery are logically a function of its power. The more capacity it has, the larger it will be. But this feature does not bother most users, since the device often stays in their pocket. Only the cable appears, and connects to their smartphone or tablet. However, it should be noted that there are very compact external batteries on the market.

Ditto for the design, since the device will spend most of its time hidden in a pocket or bag. Although, having a device with a good design will always be more appreciated, especially when you have no choice but to take the device out on the table, or on the sofa, or on the bed, etc.

Number of ports

There are different devices on the market, some have only one output port to charge a single device at a time, others have two, three, or even more, allowing multiple devices to be charged simultaneously. This choice will depend on your needs. Do you have several devices, or do your friends often take the opportunity to plug in theirs?

Smart function

For safe use, it is always better to favor external batteries with an intelligent function, able to adjust the current flow according to the needs of your device. This type of device is also often equipped with safety devices, preventing any overload, overheating or overcurrent.


Remember to check if the device is supplied with the correct cables. In this case, it will be necessary to obtain the appropriate cables (original), and to avoid the cheap models. If you have one or more Apple branded devices, having a Lightning port on the device, in addition to the other USB ports, will also be more convenient.

Where to buy an iPhone external battery?

While most of the major brands of smartphones and tablets also market their own models of external batteries, it often happens that their price is a bit high, or that they are limited in certain points. For example, you will find an iPhone battery charger that will not be compatible with other devices from other brands, or an external battery with only one USB output port, because it was specially designed for a model. precise from the same brand.

With other brands of external batteries

The external battery market is represented by many other brands, some only design this type of product, others do a bit of everything. But in all cases, the products offered by these brands turn out to be more interesting in terms of quality / price ratio. They are also more “open”, in other words, they are often compatible with most models of smartphones and tablets, headsets, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

Buying in store or online?

This is nothing new, we often benefit from much better prices by buying online than in stores. This is often due to the absence of a physical store (rent, salaries of salespeople, etc.). If you are looking for the best quality / price ratio on the market, I advise you to visit the merchant sites. In addition, you will have a greater choice of products to compare with each other. The comparison will also be more convenient, with a few clicks from your home. As for delivery, it usually takes just a few days.