The best external batteries for iPhone: 2021 comparison

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When you are a regular user of your iPhone, or before going on vacation, the external battery is almost essential to be able to recharge your device without having access to an electrical outlet.

But not easy to choose the right model. That’s good, I offer you my guide to buying the best external batteries for iPhone of the moment!

RAVPower 22000mAh: the most powerful external battery – Not available

For around thirty euros, many miss out on the most powerful external battery on the market, like this RAVPower 22,000mAh. This can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, and can last several days depending on use. This autonomy is however available at a particularly affordable price.

The strong points

Large capacity external battery : With a power of 22,000 mAh, this battery is among the most powerful on the market. In a sense, tell yourself that this device has 4 external batteries of more than 5000 mAh each. For reference, this device will allow you, for example, to charge up to more than 7 times an iPhone 8, or nearly 5 times an iPhone X.

5.8A total output : This device provides three 2.0A iSmart USB ports, but the total output can reach up to 5.8A. This will allow you to quickly charge up to 3 devices simultaneously . This external battery is also intelligent, it monitors the current and adjusts the voltage it delivers accordingly, to optimize the charging of your various devices.

Safety : This external battery has been designed in the same way as an iPhone in terms of quality control, and the power management chip is even from the great brand Panasonic. This chip offers 10 levels of protection, including one against overload, another against overheating, another against short circuit, etc. That’s not to mention the UL94 V-0 shell which is fireproof.

The weak spots

Dimensions : This model is not really appreciated for its dimensions. Indeed, it is a large external battery, which is however quite normal given its great power. Fortunately, the brand delivers the product with a carrying pouch.

POWERADD 12000mAh: the best value for money of the moment – Unavailable

Some people don’t necessarily want a high-powered device, just what it takes to charge two devices at the end of the day, but with enough oomph to deal with the unexpected. For this type of use, the POWERADD 12.000mAh seems quite suitable. Specially designed to go with the iPhone, this nomadic iPhone charger offers many arguments that will seduce you.

The strong points

12,000 mAh : If it takes around 5,000 mAh to fully charge an iPhone X, this external battery will allow you to charge at least twice, or charge two iPhone Xs simultaneously. In any case, she has enough under the hood to rescue you at the end of the day, or even more.

5 V / 3 A output : This iPhone charging battery provides 2 outputs of 5 V / 3 A each, which allows faster charging of your devices.

Apple Lightning input port : As said above, this device has been specially designed to go with iPhone, whether you have an iPhone 4 5s 5c 6 7 etc. This iPhone external charger has an Apple Lightning input port, which is more convenient. For those who are looking for an iPhone portable charger or a portable iPhone battery, this model will definitely be of interest to them.

Universal compatibility : This does not mean, however, that this external battery is not compatible with other devices. It offers universal compatibility, whether your device is from the Apple brand, or an Android device, etc.

Safety : This model has a protective “battery”, including one against overcharging, one against overheating, one against short circuits, one against overcurrents, and so on.

Design : The pleasant little touch of this external battery is its particularly neat design, with its rounded edges and its aluminum shell, offering a very nice rendering. The rose gold color of this model is also not to displease the women who (it can be said) most need this kind of device. However, there are also other colors (black, gray, red) for those who do not like pink.

The weak spots

Dimensions : With a nomadic battery, it is often the same story about its dimensions, which are not always discreet. But this model is still small enough to fit in a pocket. As for the weight, it must be said that it is justified by the robustness and the power of this device.

Anker PowerCore 5000: a cheap but reliable mini external battery

There are also people who like to be discreet, who don’t like to be too crowded, but due to the low battery life of their device, need a little portable battery recharge at the end of the day. As the iPhones do not have a removable battery, you have to use a portable iPhone battery just like this model, which is also compatible with all other devices (Android, etc.).

The strong points

Small dimensions : If the dimensions often represent an obstacle to the purchase with other models of external batteries, this model makes it one of its advantages, since its dimensions are only 3.3 x 3.3 x 10, 8 cm. It also weighs just 134g. It will not bother you in any way, and will be very discreet in your pocket or in your handbag.

Design : This device has been acclaimed by major design associations. If the external batteries adopt a rather common look, similar to the shape of a Smartphone or an external hard drive, this portable iPhone charger or charger for Android device offers us a rather original cylindrical look, and above all very compact.

Quick recharging : This iPhone and Android backup battery allows you to recharge your smartphones and tablets quickly, thanks to its 2.4 A output.

Intelligent : In addition, this model is intelligent, it has PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies for current flow management, depending on your devices and their need for recharging.

Safety : Overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, etc., you will have nothing to worry about, because this external battery also has a MultiProtect safety system on board for safe use.

The weak spots

Autonomy : With its small dimensions, this external battery only offers a capacity of 5000 mAh. That said, it’s more than enough, for example for two fast phone charges, and it’s already much better than the 2000 mAh offered by the very first models of a few years ago.